Maid café in Tokyo – the weirdest cafe I have been to

Ah, Tokyo. They have everything. Even super cute maid cafés where you get served to by cute Japanese girls in cute outfits. Let me tell you more about this experience in this post.

I love going to cafés. Themed ones or more classic ones, it does not matter. Sitting with friends or alone writing on a task or blogpost, that does not matter either. It just is nice.

So, I already wrote a bit what a maid café is. Had I heard about it before I went to Japan? No. But I had really informed friends travelling with me so they knew about it. We walked around mear Akihabara, where there are a lot of maid cafés, then we picked one and took the elevator up to the floor where the café is.

maid cafe picture
As you can see, definitely an experience!

To be honest I was a bit worried that it would be some weird sexual thing. But as we walked in we saw that there was a family with kids so I understood that it was not. Or, maybe it was for the guys sitting there alone blushing while nervously looking at their phones and sometimes quickly glancing up.

In this café covered with light pink walls everything was cute. I was fine that they did their thing but I soon realised that we had to interact in the experience as well. We got animal ear headbands on and got some rules. One was that when we wanted to order we could not say “excuse me”. Nope. We had to raise our hands in a fist up to our face and say “meow meow” while twisting our wrists when we wanted to order. Now this is part of why I think it was one of the weirdest cafés I have been to (so far).

maid cafe menu food
Cute food at a maid café.

Some of us ordered food (like me) and others ordered dessert. Even the food was cute and they came and wrote something on the food before we could eat it. As we took a package we got to take pictures with one of the waitresses and we got a pair of animal ear headbands to take home as well (I think they could be good to use for a costume party and as an ice breaker haha).

Where are rest of the pictures from this place? We were not allowed to take pictures of everything in the café.

Do I recommend the experience? Of course.

Are there maid cafés with male servants? Yes, these are called butler cafés but are much more expensive.

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Would you go to a Maid Cafe?

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