Amos Rex Art Museum | Autumn 2018 Exhibition

Went with my friend Amanda to Amos Rex art museum in Helsinki last Monday and it was fun!

Amos Rex is a newly renovated art museum in the centre of the Finnish capital city. If you are under 30 or a student you can get in for only 5€. Worth it! (Otherwise 18 €)

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The Vortex of Light Particles.

This autumn there was an exhibition made by a group of Japanese artist called teamLab that combines technology, architecture and art in a creative way in their digital installation. It even is interactive!

The installation was interactive because you could colour a picture of a butterfly, flower or lizard and then scan this after which it comes alive into the exhibition room! It was so fun to recognise your own creation come to life in this digital world.

amos rex art museum experience

My colouring.
And there it is flying in this digital world.

When we walked on the floor we could step on some of the animals and flowers and I read that if you step in them too often they die! But they also reproduce (I saw many of the butterflies I created but I am sure it also got eaten by some other creature).

In the crow room you take part of a crow’s life. You get consumed into this world with amazing lights following crows flying up and down. The music is inspiring and you don’t almost know where to look because there is so much happening around you. This moment takes you into this other kind of world filled with lights, colours and music – just what I like to experience!

amos rex art museum
The room I call “crow room”.

At the Amos Rex art museum there was another exhibition of the Frosterus collection with different paintings.

amos rex art museum travelling blog ninelling
A “stress free” area in the Amos Rex art museum.

However, coming from the interactive teamLab digital art installation in a large dark room, then walking into a normally lighted room to look at paintings that did not move and that you could not touch was not as exciting anymore.

But do not get me wrong, I really like to go and look at paintings too! But this situation was a bit different. I did enjoy the contrast in the Amos Rex art museum of more modern digital art to more “traditional” art.

We spent around two and a half hours in the museum. This was enough to get the experience (and spend some time finishing off your colouring!) but not to read all the text very thoroughly in every room.


amos rex art museum
Me and Amanda 🙂  

Thank you for reading!

Those who know me know I love art museums. There you do not need to know too much before you go. You can just sit and enjoy what someone else has made and (hopefully) get inspired. Read more about some of the other exhibitions I have been to:

Do you recommend any other art museums (or other museums as well)? Please let me know by leaving a comment – thank you!

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