Best experience in Tbilisi

Ah I am happy to have found another wow moment which was the best experience in Tbilisi! This is part of why I blog and I am so happy about it! See in this post where I found the best view of Tbilisi.

best experience in tbilisi
tbilisi view by night

How to get this awesome experience in Tbilisi:

Step 1: have dinner at the Funicular Restaurant Complex with a view
Ask for a table with a nice view so you can enjoy the sunset and city lights. The food is so good and so cheap compared to the prices in the Nordics.

Step 2: sit and enjoy the view, food and wine
Do this preferably with good company. The custom in Georgia is that you share the food which is a very social and fun way of eating!

Step 3: Take a moment to watch over the beautiful city lights
Stand there and think about all the good things in life and then you get this awesome feeling as I did when I was there.

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So happy I went there with my boyfriend and his family!
We had so much good food we got a food baby 😀

What do you think about the city lights of Tbilisi by night? Will it be on your to do-list on what to experience in Tbilisi? Comment and share your thoughts!

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