Buildings of Rome | 41 Photos of both famous and not famous buildings

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As I stated in my earlier post about Rome, we walked around the streets of capital city a lot to see the sights. Therefore we saw the different buildings of Rome a lot.

All the buildings have their charm; some historic, some grand and beautiful and some a bit dated and therefore gives character to the city.

All this (and because I took so many photos) means that these buildings should have their own blogpost, right! Some photos are of the main attractions, some from inside the buildings and other photos from buildings we passed while walking the streets of Rome.

Overall I tried choosing photos with not too many people on them and more close-ups of the buildings to get a feeling of the buildings in Rome. Hope you like them!

Buildings of Rome: Ordinary buildings in the streets

Love these cute buildings in Rome!

White building in Rome and traffic.

flying donkey rome italy buildings of rome

buildings of rome streets

buildings of rome

Buildings by the Tiber.

Inside a building (restaurant) in Rome. Had to put a photo of wine since it is Italy.


Famous buildings in Rome

buildings of romeColosseum.

At Forum Romanum.

The Barberini Gallery.

buildings of rome barberini art museum gallery
Gorgeous cieling paintings in the Palazzo Barberini art museum!

buildings of rome ninelling travel blogBeautiful staircase in Palazzo Barberini.

Constitutional Court of Italy.

A view from Piazza Venezia.

Palace of Justice.

Castel Sant’Angelo.

Inside Palazzo Corsini.

Pyramid of Caius Cestius.



Arch of Titus.

pantheon rome details buildings in rome streets
Part of Pantheon.
Temple of Romulus in Roman Forum. buildings of rome
Temple of Romulus in Roman Forum.

More of the Roman Forum tour.


These were the photos I took of the buildings of Rome and hope you got a good sense of what we saw and the beauty of the city!

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