Favourite cafés in Turku for every occasion

Cafés! And Cafés in Turku! I love going to them. Be it a date, catching up with a friend or working alone on something – cafés are fun. So here are my favourite cafés in Turku – and my best tip on when to go to these places.

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In Turku I have been to many different cafés for six years, so here are my favourite cafes in this city and what occasion I mostly recommend going there to!

Note that I have put a link to the location on Google maps on every address, hope it helps you find the cafés. 🙂 But one of the good things about Turku is that it is pretty centred, which means it is walking distance between most of the sights, and these cafés!
Also note that I put the photos of the cafés after the subheading. Hope you enjoy this post!

Best cafés in Turku for different occasion

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Latte cafe – to catch up with a friend

This super small cafe with amazing coffees, teas and food is in my opinion a great place to meet up with an old friend and catch up.

Given it is so small you can also talk and not worry that someone you know might be there as well 😀 The café also has a really friendly owner, who is always happy so be sure to talk to him a bit as well.

Address: Kristiinankatu 5


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For really good vegan rhubarb pie with vanilla sauce go to Fabbe´s!

Fabbe’s Café – for a (vegan) energy-boost in between classes or during your break

Fabbe´s is located perfectly in Åbo Akademi’s campus area, and they offer really good pies and tea for a really affordable price! They speak Swedish as well, which also for me amps up the cosiness level. Therefore it is a great place to go in between or after your lectures, or during your lunch break.

Address: Tehtaankatu 6


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Fazer café – for great Instagram photos

The interior, the beverages and the food are all very Instagrammable at Fazer Café! Some say it is on the more expensive side but maybe it is worth the nice feeling of the café and the photos…?

They also have a good breakfast and of course Fazer’s own delicacies are good to try!

Address: Aurakatu 10


Tiirikkala – to go to with the girls or the group

Tiirikkala has an interior that I love, love, love. It is also a bar and they sometimes have artists playing jazz or blues as well. Be it for a coffee date or lunch, it is a nice place by Aura River to spend some time laughing with a group of friends.

Address: Linnankatu 3


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Café Carré – to work or study alone

Located very close to Tiirikkala, you will find Café Carré!

When I want to go to a cafe with perfect location and is not too busy during the day, I go to cafe Carré. They serve good pies and chicken bagels and nice black tea to keep you going. I spent there many hours when I worked and studied!

Address: Linnankatu 3


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Robert’s Coffee – to go on a date

Some cafés close 6 or 8 pm (not Tiirikkala though, as it is also a bar), so if you want to go on a date at 7 or 8 some cafés might be closed already.

If the date goes well maybe you end up going to a movie? Or maybe you go to a movie before or after and then go to Robert’s coffee? Even though it is a chain I like Robert’s coffee.

Address: Kauppiaiskatu 11


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Gaggui – to try different delicious cakes

Gaggui is my most recent favourite as I only recently visited the café! The cakes are really good and have fun names. The café is very cosy as well

That was all of my favourite cafes in Turku for every occasion! Of course you can go on a date to Gaggui or catch up with a friend at Tiirikkala. This is just a very subjective post on how I have experienced the cafés.

Address: Humalistonkatu 15 a

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Do you agree or disagree on when to go to these cafés? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Thank you for reading – have a nice day!

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