Ghent – the city of three towers

Visiting Ghent in Belgium? Then I’ll tell you some fun facts about this city as well as top tips on what to experience there.


ghent buildings

river in ghent belgium

I travelled to Ghent in August – after my trip to Paris – to visit my cousin who moved there a while ago. Two nights of sightseeing and good talks with the best of the best Gabo!

Fun facts about Ghent

They are all about the fries

Fries are served with everything here. So be sure to not be on a carb-free diet when you visit!

People have been living here in 70 000 years and Ghent was once almost as populated as Paris

During the years 1200-1600 Ghent was well known of its textiles and approximately half of the inhabitants worked with textiles.

During this time it was also the second most populated city in Europe after Paris*. But a lot got destroyed after 1600 and never got restored again. Today Ghent has the third largest port in Belgium.

It is called the city of three towers

Ghent has three towers which are the following; 1) Belfry of Ghent 2) Saint Bavo Cathedral Tower and 3) Saint Nicholas’ Church Tower. Standing on the bridge close to the towers you can get a photo with all of the three towers:

ghent city of three towers

Sunday’s are for rest

Which means that everything is closed. So be sure to get what you need before the end of the week so you can have a nice Netflix and chill day on Sunday.

The name ‘Ghent’ means Mouth of the River.

The name of this city comes from the Celtic word Ganda. It has a beautiful river passing through of which it has gotten its name.

Paying can be a struggle – and bring cash

Now this does not feel efficient at all. They have at some places that you cannot pay without a Belgian card. Why? Somebody please share in the comments!

Oh and it is always good to carry cash!

 Take a day trip to Antwerp

Ghent is really close to Antwerp, where you can do even more sightseeing, shopping etc.


What to do in Ghent – 3 tips

There are a lot of things to see in Ghent of course. Here are some of the top tips.

1. Visit the STAM Ghent city museum

In this museum you’ll learn a lot about this  city. I really enjoyed it. There is also a cosy cafe if you get hungry.

inside STAM city museum

map STAM Ghent city museum
The map of the city inside the STAM museum.

2. Where to go for dancing? Zappos

This small club has a dance floor where they play all the good old songs you’ve forgotten but is the best to dance to.

Think Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake and so on. Songs you can both sing and dance to, just perfect!

3. Eat stews

They have amazing stews in Ghent. Chicken of beef you decide – they are both mouth watering good. And these are served with fries, of course.

ghent food gabo

streets of Ghent

Overall I had a really nice stay with my cousin whom it is always great to catch up with! Hope she visits soon in Stockholm!

Any thoughts regarding Ghent?

*this is based on the facts I read in the museum

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