Helsinki Zoo in pictures

I have been meaning to go to Helsinki Zoo for a while now and spending a couple of nights near Espoo we decided to go to the zoo. And it was fun!

Helsinki Zoo, or Korkeasaari in Finnish / Högholmen in Swedish, has plenty of different animals. The inner child in me was alive again when we went to the cat valley with my eyes widening when I heard the lion roar and when I saw the leopard walk around.

Sadly the lynx was asleep so we could only see part of it.

helsinki zoo sleeping animals paws
Just look at those paws!

They also had peacocks walking around the zoo, not afraid of people at all:  

The fennec fox was super cute! fennec fox korkeasaari aavikkokettu   bears helsinki zoo
The bears were asleep, like many other animals.

hogs helsinki zoo korkeasaari högholmen
We accidentally arrived by the hogs just as they were about to feed them with eggs and nuts!
moose helsinki zoo korkeasaari
Moose at Helsinki Zoo!
camel helsinki zoo korkeasaari kameli
The camel’s hair 😀

helsinki zoo animals

The markhors were chilling at the mountains:

The bearded vulture was so big! Glad not to come across those while walking in the forest.bearded vulture helsinki zoo korkeasaari högholmen fåglar

helsinki zoo snake
Do you see the snake?

And last animal in the Helsinki zoo, the blue poison dart frog:

Blue poison dart frog helsinki zoo

Eating at Helsinki Zoo

We ate a classic meal at Ravintola Karhu; meatballs with mashed potatoes. It was okay as we were so hungry but the meat was a bit chewy. We had a look at the buffet as well and the (overpriced) café but decided to go for the restaurant instead.

I think it would be nice to take a picnic at the zoo or barbeque by the sea!


Overall a very nice experience going to Helsinki Zoo! Nice to go and look at all the animals and you can easily spend a day there.

You can find more info at Helsinki Zoo’s own webpage.

Thanks for reading!

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