Is The Louvre worth it?

Are you wondering ‘is the Louvre worth it’? Maybe you are visiting Paris soon and are thinking if all the queueing and the ticket price is worth it? In this blogpost I’ll tell you if it is worth it and when you should not go.

is the louvre worth it

the louvre paris worth it

I visited Paris in August and a visit to this famous Museum was one of the top things on my list. I wanted to see the pyramid and Mona Lisa. Why? Because these were on my travel bucket list and I’ve always dreamt of going to Paris and doing these things.

So is it worth it? The short answer: yes.

Let me tell you why.

Is The Louvre worth it? Yes – and here is why

Let me give you three reasons why it is worth it to plan in a trip to visit The Louvre.

1. There is so much to see

The Louvre is huge. There are three different sections and in every section you can walk to a room and then into another room after that and then there is another floor and so on.

This said, you can easily spend many hours there.

the louvre rooms

2. Mona Lisa is small but gorgeous

For me it was so worth the 47 minutes of queueing and then when I saw it for 30 seconds I got some pictures.

And seeing Mona Lisa is really one thing to see before you die. This is also the reason why so many people still visit it.

mona lisa the louvre worth it

mona lisa queue
The way to Mona Lisa is long and I mean even plenty of escalators.
mona lisa selfie
The one and only selfie I have with Mona Lisa. I was going for the same look ‘is she smiling or not’ but turned out to be really difficult because of the men shouting at me to move on.

Pro tip: check to see live opening hours and queueing time to get in to the Louvre!

3. You want to check this museum off your bucket list

It is a great experience and I waited a long time to experience this.

These were only three quick reasons on why to visit Louvre and of course there are plenty more! For example if you go more detailed in to the sculptures and paintings there are to see the list would be really long.

louvre selfie
More proof that I actally was there!

When not to visit The Louvre

Every great thing has a downside, I am sure you agree. Therefore I want to share two reasons when you should not visit the museum.

1. If you aren’t interested in art

Do you think that walking around looking at sculptures and paintings is the worst and most boring thing and you would like to spend your day doing anything else than this? Then The Louvre is not for you.

the louvre people

2. If you don’t like being around a lot of people

As The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, there are lots of other people.

So if you don’t like crowds, then a visit would not be a good idea.

is the louvre worth it
Happy that I finally got to see the pyramid!

Hope you liked this post about the Louvre and it is worth it! Share your thoughts below – I’d love to hear!

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