Moved to Stockholm

That is right! The day has come! I moved to Stockholm today!

And I will start working really soon! Am I excited? Yes. But also a bit nervous. But in a good way. New challenges are always good!

moved to stockholm

moving to stockholm

Top happy thoughts about that I moved to Stockholm

1. Friends are already there

One really good thing about moving is that I know people already live there, so it is not like I went on my student exchange to Seoul alone and did not know anyone (although it turned out to be quite easy to find friends there too).

2. Stockholm is close to home but still something new

Stockholm is not far from Turku, where I studied, and from Helsinki or Espoo area (where I am from) it is only an hours flight.

moved to stockholm

I applied to positions in other cities in Europe as well but it turned out to be Stockholm calling for me.

3. They speak Swedish, so it feels like home (kind of)

As a Swedish speaking Finn it is always most comfortable to speak Swedish. In Finland you cannot always get by on Swedish so being able to talk Swedish is a big plus that makes it very homey. Of course it is not always clear that they understand my ‘Moomin Swedish’…

These were the top three things I feel right now about me moving to Sweden. For sure there will be posts about my experiences in Sweden, so stay tuned.

When I say I am moving to Stockholm one challenging thing that comes to mind is the living situation and that it can be quite difficult to find accommodation to rent.

For the time being I will stay at my Mom’s and look for somewhere to live (perhaps with a friend) so I get my own place.

Overall a lot of very exciting things are happening now. I just have to try and stay in the moment and enjoy this time because it will just fly by. Maybe some wow moments are coming soon too, who knows!

Any tips on what to see and visit in Stockholm?

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