New year plans

What are my New Year plans this year? Let me tell you in this blogpost.

2018 brought with it a lot. I moved from Seoul back to Turku to study, then travelled around a bit in Italy (Rome, Pisa, Genoa and Nice) to then move back to Northern Europe, or moved to Stockholm to be more exact.

I also started my 2018 in Tokyo, but how will I end it…? So here we go, I’ll share with you where I will be spending my New Year’s Eve 2018-2019!

I will not be in Finland and neither in Sweden, but rather spend my new year in Tallinn! That is right, the Estonian capital is calling!

What? Who? Where? I will go with my boyfriend and spend a nice and calm New Years at a nice spa hotel close to the old town of Tallinn. I am very much looking forward to this relaxing way to start the New Years. 🙂

For the past few years I have spent New Years with a big group at a big party. And during this time the thought of spending New Years with someone special at a nice place with nice food, a pool, a nice bed and so on – well this idea felt very appealing and different. So gladly I get to experience it this year!

What are your plans for the New Years?

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