Ninelling approved: it is nice in Nice

Nice, Nice, Nice… where should I start.

Maybe to say that Nice is not for someone who hates long pebble beaches and to take walks by the big blue sea. If you hate drinking wine, shopping and good food, Nice is probably not for you either.

The French Riviera in Nice was so beautiful, it is a definitive wow moment! (When I look at these photos they are so beautiful I still feel amazed)

There is also an old town of Nice with plenty of smaller boutiques and restaurants. How does that sound? Or to walk up the Castle Hill and hear live music and take a walk by the small waterfall that sprays you nicely with some water in the hot August weather.

Okay, okay. There were bad parts. I got a bruise from the pebble stones when we were swimming in the evening. Yup, right under the foot I got a big blue bruise that still hurts two weeks after we got back from our trip.

Nice sights – what we did

This was my first time in France and I was very excited about it. After Italy it was fun to see how a bit of France looks like.

If I compare Nice to Genoa or Pisa I would say the streets are a bit cleaner and the traffic more organised (cars were not parked just anywhere compared to the cars in Italy).

In a nutshell, this is what we did in Nice

I know you are busy so first I will give you a list of what we did and then go more into the different things we did.

  • Met with two of my friends from my student exchange to Seoul.
    • Went up the Castle Hill
  • Took a day in Monaco, as it is so close to Nice.
  • Ate good food and drank good wine.
  • Stayed at a nice Airbnb in the West part of the city.
  • Went out clubbing.
  • Visited the Marc Chagall Museum.

One of my friends from the student exchange is from the nice Nice-area and we met up with him and his girlfriend. His girlfriend, whom he met during our exchange (how cute is that btw!!), happened to be in Nice at the exact same time we were! What a coincidence, I love when that happens 🙂

Chris, Chelsea, Nikolai and I.

It was so nice to catch up with them. We ate good food and walked up all the stairs to the Castle Hill and took photos of the great view.

For another day in Nice Nikolai and I took the train to Monaco and spent the day there, but more about Monaco in this post.

Monaco during dusk.

As for our accommodation during our three nights in Nice, we chose to stay at a room in an Airbnb. This was the second time I used Airbnb and it was great (first time was in Tokyo).

The common area in the Airbnb.

During our last night Nikolai and I somehow wound up at a club. Go big or go home, right? Or, more correctly, go big and then go home. After dinner and drinks we felt like we wanted to continue somewhere so we ended up going to this small club called Les Coulisses. We had fun, drank good drinks and danced the night away.

We visited the Marc Chagall museum on our last day there. Luckily, since I was 25, I got in for free! The museum was smaller than I thought.

We were not the only ones swimming in the evening.

I could walk back and forth by the sea and not get tired of it. 🙂

Our three nights in Nice were great. Nikolai even said that he could move there or stay in Nice for one term as an exchange student. I could easily stay there for a longer time as well and enjoy the beautiful buildings, gorgeous views and nice people.

From NICE we then flew back to HEL…

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