Pisa – how I would describe it in one word

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Coming from Rome you can feel that Pisa is much less busy and more of a student city.

Pisa was our second stop on our way from Rome to Nice. With a population of around 90 000, Pisa is a different kind of city with emptier streets and less busy restaurants.

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We stayed at a small guesthouse called Gialel Pisa, very fresh but the receptionist did not speak that much English so the checking in was a bit interesting.

Overall a very cute city. Therefore this is how I would describe Pisa with one word: cosy.

Read more to know what we did in Pisa – maybe you can get some ideas for when you are visiting!

Travelling in Italy I noticed several outdoor cinemas, I wish we had more of those in Finland!                  

A visit to the botanical garden in Pisa

pisa botanical garden what to do

For a student price of only a couple euros we walked around the botanical garden for many hours.

We ended up resting on a bench in the shadow by a pond for a while. (My five blisters I got from walking around and looking at the buildings in Rome we’re not feeling good!)

Of course taking photos of all the plants in the garden is a must! 🙂

The magnificent Square of Miracles

I was very excited about seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa for the first time. My first look at it was at night.

Guess which one won?

We bought a bottle of wine, found a bench with a good view of the tower and square and sipped the 4 Euro wine while wondering … “wow, we are really finally here!” It was nice to sit there and talk about anything with no people around us.

We took some photos during the day of course as well.

I learned that taking a “failed” image with the Leaning Tower of Pisa is much more fun than taking a “perfect” one due to the amount of tourists and the sweat running down our backs thanks to the +30 degrees.

Inside Pisa Cathedral.

Inside Pisa Cathedral.

Gorgeous ceiling in the church pisa
Gorgeous ceiling in the church.

The cemetery was both a great place to take pictures and a beautiful place to take a moment for yourself.

In the Square of Miracles, a UNESCO world heritage site, there are so many people taking pictures and for 5€ you can visit the Camposanto Monument for some peace and quiet and I really recommend it.

One review in Google also stated that it is a good place to sit and think about life.

Keith Haring mural

When I found out there was a Keith Haring mural in Pisa we had to go and take silly pictures by the art piece!

The Knights’ Square (Piazza dei Cavalieri)

This piazza is a small square where the horse rides from the leaning tower also pass through.

Here it is good to have a guide or to use Google.

For me, this was not that spectacular so another choice is also to skip this one.

Anyway we stayed there for a while as we had to check out and were waiting for our FlixBus to take us to Genoa!

Before leaving we walked through the square with the Leaning Tower of Pisa one last time before we went to the bus and I felt like I wanted to stay just a while longer next to these spectacular historic buildings.

Overall a very cosy and nice experience in Pisa and I do recommend it. I believe staying 2 nights in Pisa was enough. We had time to relax and still see the main attractions.

pisa to genoa
Here we are on our way to Genoa!

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