Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo beer tasting in Tampere

Beer? Beer!

When we went to Tampere with a group of friends we also visited Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo. We had a tasting and a walk through the brewery with our host Ludde.

Many happy faces whilst trying different beers:)
Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo beer tasting in Tampere
Different beers we tried!

We tried a pilsner, lager, red ale, pale ale and a stout.

pyynikin käsityöläispanimo mosaic lager tampere
My favourite beer – Mosaic lager from Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo.

We also took a walk in the brewery – quite interesting!

Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo lidl Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo beer tampere

I strongly recommend visiting the brewery. If not to drink beer to learn more about beer. Our host knew a lot about beer and could answer our questions. My friend asked a question why there is a saying in Finnish that something “costs malts” (costs the earth), “maksaa maltaita”, and he could even answer this question. I got a really good impression about it.

Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo archade machines

There are also old school arcade machines in the lobby! And, of course, a small shop where you can buy their beers for a bit less than from the store.

Have you visited Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo brewery? How was it? Let me know in the comments! 

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