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Touristing in Stockholm and want to visit the Royal Palace? Great – but you will not be the only one.

royal palace stockholm
In the The castle with all its history and a modern lawn mower.
royal palace stockholm
inside the royal palace stockholm

I have lived in Stockholm now over seven months and seen a lot, but not had time to visit the Royal Palace yet.

When my friend Amanda from Finland was visiting with her friend, it was the perfect time to join in and go all together to visit the palace.

Visiting the Royal Palace

For 160 SEK (around 15€) you got access to the different museums in the castle. These include the apartments, chapel, Tre Kronor Museum, Antiquities and the Treasury.

Royal Chapel Stockholm
Inside the Royal Chapel.
royal palace room chairs
royal palace museums statues
royal palace museums statues and art

Did you know the Royal Palace in Stockholm is one of Europe’s largest castles?

We spent around 2,5 hours to walk around and see the exhibitions. Sadly you were not allowed to take pictures in the Treasury – so you will have to go see it for yourselves 😉

My key tip is the following: go on a guided tour if possible, then you can ask if you have questions (and not google, like we did).

royal palace museums underground

When thinking of a castle you think of something like in Harry Potter with lots of towers. But this castle actually burned down (a large part at least) and the remaining part was designed according to the only part that was left. The result? Quite a boxy Royal Palace. With no tower!

old royal palace stockholm
This is how the old Royal Palace looked like.

Have you visited the Royal Palace? What did you think?

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