Sivota Diamond Spa Resort review

After many years my friends and I finally finish university! And what now? Oh yes, we wanted to celebrate this and what better than to celebrate with a vacation. A vacation where we do not need to do too much, just relax. A vacation where we can just lay by the pool or beach and discuss with each other or read a good book. That is why three of my good friends and I decided to go on an all-inclusive trip in May to Sivota Diamond Spa Resort in Greece!

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort


Sivota Diamond Spa Resort review

In this post I will give my review of Sivota Diamond Spa Resort in different categories: the overall stay and the food. Was it a wow moment? Read a bit more and I will tell you.

Staying at Sivota Diamond Spa Resort

The resort is a couple hours’ drive on a winding road from Preveza airport but after we came to the destination and rolled our bags up the small steep hill there it was, Sivota Diamond Spa Resort. We walked through the lobby to see the three different pools one of which is an infinity pool from which you can look into the horizon and enjoy the sea view.

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort review

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort
First time I could use the phrase “put it on my room, please”!

It is safe to say that the resort was beautiful and well taken care of. Everything was clean and the staff was helpful, happy and nice. This is how far I can go to not tell you that this was definitely a wow moment for me (I am putting together a list with different “wow moments” from my travels – to see more click here).

We also made use of the spa (very good service), the gym and the sauna. Sadly (or is it, really) the indoor pool was not heated since it was not yet high season.

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort spa

Happy after the spa!

There was also a night with live music and circle dance, which we also joined for a while. So fun!

The food at Sivota Diamond Spa Resort

Having read reviews about the food at Sivota Diamond Spa Resort, I was a bit worried. The reviews said that the food is always the same, which gets very boring very quickly. But this turned out to be false. We ate at the buffet every day as it was included in our booking (but there was another restaurant one floor up that cost a bit more).

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort breakfast

At every serving – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner – they had a large amount of choices. For breakfast I always took Greek yoghurt and fresh fruits and topped it off with some Nutella pancakes (this tastes good in every country).

Lunch and dinner also always had many different varieties of food. At the buffet they served local foods such as tzatziki and olives as well as pasta and pizza. In other words, we did not go hungry during this trip.

sivota diamond spa resort food
Do not get me started on the desserts, they were de-licious!

To sum up, it was good to go to Sivota Diamond Spa Resort in May since it was quite quiet at the time. The small town of Sivota was so near that you could easily book a boat trip to some of the nearby islands, go shopping or try other local restaurants nearby. For about 660 euros all-inclusive trip to Sivota through Aurinkomatkat, this trip totally gave value for the money.

Sivota Diamond Spa Resort at night

sivota bella vraka
Bella vraka beach is walking distance from the resort and worth checking out!


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