Stockholm in December | 9 things to do

Are you in Stockholm in December and wondering what to do? In this post I will give some tips on what to do here during this time. And especially what to do to get that Christmas spirit going!

9 things to do in Stockholm in December

1. Visit Skansen

Do you want to eat some Christmas food, shop some hand-made Christmas decorations and drink that glögg and sip it by an open fire? Then to visit Skansen is the place for you! You can also see animals (moose, wolves etc.) and walk around the old houses to see how people lived earlier.

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2. Go shopping

What better to do in Stockholm than to shop? Maybe some Christmas gifts of Christmas ornaments? Then you could visit the mall NK or Åhléns or just walk by Drottninggatan. These malls will definitely give you that Christmas spirit since all the lights and ornaments are up in the stores. Not to forget the Christmas music. (And if that does not work, then just being out shopping with a lot of other people can give you a bit of Christmas-stress as well…)

3. Visit the Old Town’s Christmas market

Stockholm’s old town, ‘Gamla Stan’ in Swedish, is such a cosy area to walk around even when it is not winter. So this is bound to get you into the jolly holiday spirit.

4. See the NK’s Christmas tree and Christmas window

The shopping mall NK is quite expensive but I love walking around there. And every year they put up a Christmas tree in the middle – fun and quick attraction to take pictures of.

5. Take a Christmas spirit walking tour

If you wish to have a local guide to show you around the mythical old town and get some gingerbread cookies while you are at it, check this page.

6. Go ice-skating

In some Christmas movies they go ice-skating and it is oh-so romantic and fun. So why not try to create this feeling yourself! At Kungsträdgården, right in Stockholm centre, you can go ice-skating (and yes, you can also rent skates if you need to). See more information here. You could also combine this experience with the following:

7. Eat gingerbread cookies and drink glögg

Gingerbread cookies are a traditional cinnamon snack during Christmas time. And glögg? A wonderful hot drink with different spices. This mulled wine drink is perfect for when it is cold outside. You can drink it with alcohol or alcohol-free – you choose! Oh and both glögg and the cookies go really well together! Also eating saffron buns (lussebullar in Swedish) are a great idea!

8. See a Lucia concert

Lucia is a tradition in Sweden that brings light to the people. The chosen Lucia of the year wears candles in her hair and together with her handmaidens and star boys sing songs. To see more information about it click here.

Further, there are plenty of Christmas concerts held around the city in December.

9. Join the Santa-run

The yearly Santa-run in Stockholm is held in the beginning of December. Come again? It is a 3 kilometre run for a good cause where everyone has Santa costumes on. What is better than to exercise so you can eat more this Christmas and at the same time give something for charity? Win-win? Yes!

That was all of the nine things to do in Stockholm in December! Hope you feel excited to do some again to get that Christmas spirit going.

If you wish to do something else you could always stay at home or at your hotel to cosy up with some Christmas music or then to go out and get a Christmas food and beer and with some friends which is always a good idea.


This post was originally poster as the second blogpost in my 12-day advent calendar 2018. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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Happy holidays!


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