The most convenient thing about living in Finland

Finland, Finland, Finland. They say it is like winning the lottery to be born in Finland. There are many good things about living in Finland but one thing is the most convenient aspect about living in Finland in my opinion.

Living abroad for a while, for example on my exchange, made me think about what I miss about Finland. And this thing really was one of them.

This thing really helps the everyday life and makes living in Finland more smooth.

living in finland
Picture taken in Tampere by my good friend Richi!

Every country has its pros and cons: there are nice people and meaner people, safe zones and more dangerous zones, etc. I mean, my mom always used to say that “Finland is always best and you always want to come back”. But then look what happened, she found a job in Sweden and is really enjoying living there.

The most convenient thing about living in Finland is:

Getting unlimited 4G data for only 19.90€ a month!

I use a provider called Telia (former Sonera) and I really miss unlimited data during the time I am abroad. When I do not have it anymore I realize how convenient it is to have unlimited data. Not to be on social media all the time but to check the map, news and messages as well as staying up to date with what is happening on social media (fomo much, haha).

pokemon go finland
Even playing Pokémon GO is no problem.

My point is:

Let us just take a minute and be very thankful for this! 

Having unlimited internet access means we do not desperately have to find a café or library that offers free Wi-Fi. We can use our data everywhere. Watching something on YouTube? Playing games and downloading apps? No problem. This is just so very, very convenient. You (or at least me) forget about this when you are so used to this.

I am sure it is the same in some other countries too, which is great 🙂

Fun fact!

Came across a post that states that all mobile data service providers in Finland are supporting the LGBT community. Wow!

And yes, you could think that this post is sponsored, but it is really not.

Question! Do you know other countries that offer the same convenient possibilities (maybe outside of north Europe)? 
Or do you have more things that you think is super convenient in Finland? Just let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail!

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Of course there are many more things that are good with this country; clean water and student financial ade and so on and so on.

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