Travel costs: 11 nights in Italy and France

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Travelling is very enriching but of course there are travel costs. Most recently I went on a trip from Helsinki to Rome – Pisa – Genoa (and Cinque Terre) – Nice (and Monaco) – Helsinki. How much did this cost do you wonder? Let me tell you.

travel costs italy pizza
Getting take-out is much cheaper than eating at a restaurant!

Travel costs in Italy and France from Finland?

  1. Accommodation costs: We spent around 25-30 € per person per day on the accommodation. Nice was the most expensive to live in but luckily we found a room in a nice Airbnb for 170 Euro total.
  2. Transportation costs: The bus and train tickets were from 10 € to 25 € per person per trip. We took the train from Rome to Pisa and from Genoa to Nice. We used FlixBus from Pisa to Genoa. When we went to Monaco from Nice and Cinque Terre from Genoa we also took the train.
    1. The flights from Helsinki to Rome and Nice to Helsinki were about 150 € per person with Norwegian.
  3. Other costs: As for the food and sightseeing cost we spent around 40 € per day per person. We went out to eat at least one time a day (sometimes three: lunch, snack and dinner). And we went to museums, tours, galleries that often cost something.

Continue reading to see the things I learned from all the cities!       


  • A lot of people and people selling water for one euro walking around.
  • Visiting the sights during the night and day are quite different experiences!

colosseum by night


  • Much smaller compared to Rome. Reminded me of Turku in Finland a bit as it is close to the capital, smaller and a student city. Also has a river called Arno as the Aura River in Turku.


genoa streets
Narrow streets in Genoa.
Touristy Monterosso / Cinque Terre.
wine book travel blog
Ordering wine not from a wine list but a wine book!


  • The French Riviera is b-e-a-utiful!

nice train station
The pretty train station in Nice 🙂
I was happy during the few hours I was in the luxurious Monaco, which we visited from Nice.
On our way back…

I know you are busy so here it is how I would describe this 11 night and 12 day trip in a short and concise way:

Very hot (over 30 degrees), a lot of walking, sightseeing and eating out.

Thanks for reading and following my journey in search of wow moments around the world!

And stay tuned for more posts!

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