Upcoming 12-day trip!

Yay, yay, yay! My next vacation is coming up! And guess what? I will be going to at least four cities!

In about two weeks I will fly off to the land of pizza, pasta and ice cream! That is right, Italy calling! 🙂

First off my boyfriend and I fly to:


We stay for three nights in Rome and then take us to:


So definitely pictures with the leaning tower coming up both here and on my Instagram channel!
After two nights in Pisa we pack our things and take the bus or train to:


Now Genoa is the place I know the least about so I still have to do some research. But what I have seen on pictures, Genoa looks beautiful!

Genoa is our second last place and after three nights in Genoa we travel to the land of croissants, baguettes and (more) wine! In other words we travel to:


Finally France! Now I have been to Italy before this trip (Milan) but never been to France, so I am excited! I even thought of going to France on my birthday as it would be a celebration there anyway because my birthday is on 14th July, the national day of France/Bastille day. Definitely going another year!

We have three nights in Nice after which we take the plane back to Finland. Of course travelling costs but it is so worth it!

On our flights we took only hand-luggage so we will have to manage with only hand-luggage 11 nights! I am very much looking forward to many new experiences, great food and hot weather.


Have you been to any of these places? Please let me know tips that I should know before travelling there next week!

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