Visiting Sivota, Greece? Here is what to do.

Are you visiting Sivota, Greece? Or perhaps you are staying at a resort like I did and are wondering what other things there are to do around the town?

Sivota, or Syvota, is a very small town but it still has things to offer. Here are some suggestions.

what to do in syvota
We walked around in Sivota on a rainy day.            

1. Go shopping in Sivota

Honestly I was happily surprised about the shopping there. I was not going to do some shopping but I found nice shops with eco products and a nice shop where I bought pants and jewellery.

And, funny story, my friend tried on a bracelet which then got stuck on her arm so the owner of the store had to get the good looking guy from the next store to help her with the bracelet. (yes, we had good fun with this incident later on)

And of course you can buy Greek souvenirs or more sunscreen if you happen to run out 🙂

2. Take a boat trip in Sivota

As Sivota is by the ocean a boat trip is a must. You can get a return ticket to the closest islands for 10 euros. Or, if you have a higher budget there are many opportunities for luxury boat trips as well.

The boat trip will also take you to a small cave.

blue lagoon syvota sivota reality
Blue lagoon reality.

Pro tip: Do not get your hopes up for blue lagoon. It will get very crowded as many boats stop there. Plus, it is very small and many people leave their garbage there…

3. Try local restaurants

The restaurants are nicely decorated and had very good drinks. There were a lot of them as well so no need to go hungry. Taking a drink by the sea leaves good memories, I’d say.

sivota restaurants drinks
We tried a bar near the sea, very cosy and had heaters outside (even though it was May!)

4. Try something new

We saw signs for scuba diving for example, so if you want to try this it is possible. Other things was paddling – if you are adventurous just hold your eyes open for other signs!

5. Visit Bella Vraka beach

It is a cosy, petite beach so let’s not hope there are too many people when you arrive. Here you can lay around in the sun, go swimming or have a photoshoot (all of which we did). Quite nice, especially if you are staying at the Sivota Diamond Spa Resort, then it is only a few minutes’ walk!

bella vraka beach sivota greece
Bella Vraka in Syvota.

sivota syvota
Just walking around the petite town is also nice:)

It is a small town but there is a variety of things to do in Sivota. Hope you enjoy your stay there as we did 🙂

Got more tips about what to do in Sivota? Or questions? Let me know by sharing or leaving a comment on this post!

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