A trip to the west with SNS Global Supporters – Sponsored by eBay

In a Facebook group for us exchange student they posted about a sponsored trip to Seosan. So I went with my buddy!

My group, “High Five”.

But what did I know about the trip beforehand? Not that much actually and most of the information was in Korean. But more of a reason to go, right?

A trip to a music festival in Seosan with Gmarket&Auction Global SNS Supporters

The main event was a music festival with EDM artists that were pretty good! As it was located more on the country side, there was not that many other people but we still had fun.

We also visited an astronaut museum, a bird land and a traditional village.

The trip was completely free and included both food, transportation and accommodation for one night. We got some sponsored gifts (thermos, umbrella and an external charger). A very nice surprise 🙂

The only two who did not speak Korean was me and Ties, another exchange student at Kyung Hee. This event was mostly for Koreans but they want to have more international participants. This led to that the main language was Korean, but my buddy was kind enough to translate always when needed.

Filming a video with High Five

During the trip we also created a video with our group, which we named High Five. So I got to experience the idea-stage of creating this kind of video as well as being in front of the camera. See the video here:

Our team for the video was for instance to have piggy tails and do the Beatles walk. It was fun and I think the video shows it too! 😀


The whole experience was very interesting and I got to meet some new people and try new things!

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