Exchange student in Seoul – why?

“So, why did you come to Seoul?” is a basic question amongst the exchange students and this question usually comes after “what’s your name” and “where are you from”. It is a good question, though. So what is my answer? Originally I chose Seoul for the courses in journalism and because I was curious of South Korea overall since I never had been in Asia. It turned out to be very difficult to get the courses I wanted as only one of the courses in journalism & communication went on this fall semester. So I am now studying marketing and taking Korean for beginners.

helsinki vantaa airport wine
Had a glass of wine at the airport, oh my gosh I was nervous!

I had also heard a lot of good things about going as an exchange student to Seoul from students who had been here before me. As it is such a big city it has a lot to offer and you can easily get by with public transportation. I heard they organise a lot of events for exchange students, so you easily can meet new people and experience the culture. All of this led to me applying to Kyung Hee University as my first choice.

Having spent a couple of days in Seoul already I believe I will not regret my decision to come here on a student exchange! I have already met a lot of great people and done some sightseeing, tasted Korean food and learned about how one does things here. It was good to have a week to get to know the city before the lectures start in September.

I wanted to blog about my time as an exchange student for me to remember to take more pictures and write down what I have experienced before I forget it. And of course it is easier for people to follow what I do this way. So thank you for following and let’s see how it goes! 🙂

EDIT: I ended up really enjoying my student exchange and learning a lot, so I wrote this blogpost with 50 things I learned from my exchange in Seoul!

Have you been on a student exchange to South Korea or are you thinking about it? Leave a comment and share your experience or ask some questions, I am happy to be of help.


  1. Hello Nine! I am a dutch girl who would love to study somewhere in Asia, but South Korea is my number one at this moment. I have been looking for a good university there and I came across Kyung Hee University but I have a lot of questions about how it is there. Your blog has helped me a lot and I still have some things I would love to know.
    Could I contact you to ask my questions? I get it if you don’t want to! ^^

    1. Hi Meike! Thank you for your comment, sounds like a great plan to study in Asia:) And I really recommend Seoul as a city to live in. Yes you can contact me, for example through my email: blog (at) I am happy to help, that is part of why I write my blog as well:) I also just wrote a post about the amount of work it takes to study at KHU.
      Looking forward hearing from you!

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