One month anniversary / Fun facts

On the 24th September I had already been in Seoul for one month. “Oh, so you have only three months left?” my Korean buddy asked. I did not want to hear that, the time goes by so fast here.

A lot has happened – some bigger things that I have written blogposts about and some smaller things. So let me tell you about some of the details in my life right now:

  • My roommate likes to watch horror movies and scary stories before she goes to bed
  • The lectures last 1h15
  • Take-out coffees are very common and quite cheap (2-4 000 won) and I usually take an ice tea/chocolate once a day
  • I have started bowing, since it is a way to show respect
  • The stoplights are soo slooooow
  • One of my professors said if we do the group assignment really well we will not have a final exam
  • My curfew is on midnight on weekdays and at 1am on Friday-Sunday but you can easily check out for the night
  • I miss drinking water from the tap, I use a purifier or buy big water bottles (very unfamiliar at first since I am used to drinking a lot of water from the tap)
  • Karaoke is very popular, I have been three times and one time in Suwon.
  • I got a Korean name (well actually I got two, but more of that later)
  • I do feel safe here (but you never know, I guess…), Noelle even wrote a text about South Koreans view on North Korea
  • I have learned the alphabet, called “Hangul”.

masi gray chocopie latte iced

With a little help from a friend named Kai here is “thank you for reading in Korean” (and how to pronounce it):

읽어주셔서(ill keo joo sheo seo)
감사합니다(gam sa ham ni da)

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