Fun at a flower field

What else is there to do on a hot and sunny Friday than go to a flower field? And take Tumblr girl photos? And meet a Korean traveller/blogger? Well, last Friday this was on the schedule and we had a lot of fun.

My Indonesian friend May knew about a flower field about one hour from our campus where you could take many nice pictures. I also asked in the photography group if someone would like to join and a couple of them joined 🙂

There were many beautiful flowers to see so we ended up staying hours longer than I anticipated. Which led to that I got a bit sunburned (why do I never learn?!).

Trying out that 'fierce' look haha.

Trying out that ‘fierce’ look haha.

Behind the scenes:

Meeting a backpacker/photographer

While taking pictures we met another person taking pictures. He was a older backpacker/photographer/blogger and had a big impressive camera. He even said he had been to all of our countries.  He took up our e-mails so he could send the pictures to us. And we did not take only one picture, no. We took a lot and were really efficient (it was a bit stressful actually).

I am usually quite sceptical to things like this but he was really sweet and even gave his business card to us and invited us to visit him. He also wrote about us on his blog.

That lifestyle though, to travel around the world taking pictures and blogging about it. Sounds pretty sweet I must admit. Maybe next time for us since we went during the day.

How to get to the flower field:

You can get to the flower field taking the subway: take line 1 to Yangju Station and exit 2. Then you cross the road and take bus number 80 for 10-15 minutes until you are at the Haedong Mael stop and right by the flower field.

To get the best pictures you can come near sunset, which I learned is called the “golden hour” for photographers since the natural light is best at this time.

Thanks for reading about my adventure in a flower field. I still have lots to write about from my exchange but only limited amount of time. So stay tuned!

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