Global field trip

The IFCC (club for exchange students) organised a global field trip 23-24.9 for all exchange students plus all existing and all newly selected IFCC members. On the agenda was to play some games, eat Korean BBQ, party and sit in front of the bonfire until early in the morning.

The event was held 1 hour from Kyung Hee at a stone house in Cheong-Pyung.

field trip ifcc

We were divided into four teams: team Sprite (my team), Pepsi, Coke and Welch’s. The games were dodge the rope, dancing chairs etc.

And as we paid the event beforehand, we did not have to pay for the food or drinks during the trip.

Team Sprite.
Me and my buddy group.

Deep discussions by the campfire

My favourite parts of the global field trip was dancing outside to Psy’s to New Face and the deep conversations in front of the bonfire. First we discussed differences in universities, goals in life and talked about worrying and knowing that everything will sort itself out somehow.


By the campfire a French guy named Chris asked me what my purpose is in life. My answer? To meet great people and create great things.

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