Honeymoon phase is over

At orientation day they presented that our feelings during the exchange can go as a roller coaster starting with a honeymoon phase.

This phase was great. A blur of new influences of new people and a new environment. A month of the pure feeling of being happy where I am.

Sadly all good things come to an end and now the feeling of me being on a vacation is over. I have to start catching up on some reading for the university and do the everyday stuff. Get the routine going.

I even got a bit sick. I think my body reacted on something bad during last weekend. Luckily I had friends who helped me to get the right medicine so it is all better now.

I guess there are more challenges when you are in the daily routine mode compared to when you are in the holiday mode.

One example was at Tuesday morning: my classes started at 9am but I was so tired the night before and had set the alarm at 08:51. Having overslept this much I had a millisecond to decide to go to the class or not but I did make it and was only five minutes late after running to class without having time to get ready properly.

So not holiday mode.

Do not get me wrong, I still like it here. I love that it is still hot outside and the people are so nice. It is just that the reality has caught up with me and I want to point that out as well. I am getting used to my life here and kimchi is not that exiting and exotic anymore.

Now I am looking forward to the weekend and the field trip organized by the IFCC. And there will be a 10-day holiday starting at the end of the month (say hello to more travelling~).

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