Interesting cafes in Seoul

As stated in my earlier blogpost, there are interesting cafes in every corner in Seoul. And some have cool themes!

Best cafes in Seoul

Here are interesting cafes in Seoul:


Sherlock Holmes themed cafe in Gangnam

This cafe was really modern and the details were on point. There was a mirror that played clips of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and the cups were designed to fit the theme.

There also was another room with a runway. You could order different drinks such as Sherlock’s coffee, Dr. Watson’s juice and Ms. Hudson’s tea.

Dog cafe near Hoegi station

Another category of interesting cafes in Seoul are the animal cafes! I went to a dog cafe in Hoegi and they have dogs in every size and breed, almost. And they want to sit in your lap! Pro tip: do not buy dog treats because then all the dogs will go crazy and you get way too many treats…


Cat cafe in Hongdae

Oh to live a cat’s life! This cafe had a lot of cats and you could see that they were well taken care of. Good that we had time to put our bags in the lockers under our seats before a cat came to sit on our lap. So cute!


Meerkat cafe in Hongdae

Yes, in Hongdae you can find many different cool themed cafes. We also went to a meerkat cafe.

In this cafe they also had silver foxes, raccoons, cats and – my favourite – wallabies!

Now, I have to be honest here. Even though it was a great experience to hang out with the animals, I felt a bit sorry for them. I mean, it is cool because you rarely can spend time with meerkats. But I could notice that the meerkats just wanted to dig and for them to be in a cage where they cannot do this made me feel bad. This opens up to another discussion…


Or are you not into these kinds of cafes? There are plenty of cafes that are not themed or animal cafes.

Small artsy tea cafe in Noksapyeong

Imagine a small cafe you could sit and write a novel in. A place where you can drink your afternoon tea and get creative. This is the vibe of this small cafe near Noksapyeong.


Teenie Weenie cafe in Myeongdong

After shopping cute clothes in the Teenie Weenie store you can go upstairs for some sweets.


Board game cafe in Hoegi

Near Hoegi station there is a board game cafe owned by an American. They have lots of games so it can be difficult to choose! Good place to spend a few hours with friends.

Want to know more exact where these interesting cafes in Seoul are located? Then just ask by leaving a comment or sending me an email! 🙂 

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