Kyung Hee University campus

What does the Kyung Hee University campus look like?

I took some time of a day to take photos of the campus. And thanks to all the steep hills it can be counted as a workout! I did it only for you, my friends, who are reading this.

Before the pictures of the Kyung Hee University campus here are a couple of facts about KHU:

  • Established in 1949
  • The university got the name Kyung Hee University 1960
  • KHU has three campuses
  • To get a feeling of how the campus is, here is a map of the campus:kyung hee university campus

The main building at KHU Seoul campus

The main building is big and beautiful and has a fountain in front of it.

Kyung Hee University campus library

The library from the outside is a bit Hogwartsy – which is cool. Inside it is fancy as well and I believe there is another fountain in the lobby.

Grand peace hall

Here we have the grand peace hall, which in my opinion is the fanciest building. I hope there is a concert so I could see the inside of it.

Other buildings

Part of the business building:

business building kyung hee university campus

College of humanities/science:

The college of music and concert hall:

College of oriental medicine:

The KHU on-campus lake


A dormitory under construction.
Here I live.

Here was only part of the dormitories. I will write more about living at the dorm later.

Other places on Kyung Hee University campus

At KHU there is a lot more facilities. For example there is a bank, cafeterias and cafés, book stores and an optical shop.

And this tennis court/basketball field/parking lot I walk by almost every day:

kyung hee university campus

One of the many hills at KHU campus.

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