Moomin exhibition in Seoul

Moomins, Moomins everywhere!

Okay not everywhere. But almost. I noticed that they have Moomin products in South Korea. For example you can find Moomin products in the store and Moomin socks at a market stand – there even is a Moomin cafe. Knowing that Moomin is popular in South Korea it is not a surprise that there is a Moomin exhibition that tours around South Korea for a year. The exhibition is called Moomin Original Artworks Exhibition.

I went to the exhibition – located in Seoul Art Center – with two funny Swiss friends. Here is what I experienced:

What was good about the Moomin exhibition?

It was nice to go around and look at sketches and comics. As Moomin is Finnish some text on the sketches were in Swedish and Finnish, which made me feel like home.

I even met the Moomin of my life!

And that they played the Moomin music at the exhibition was funny and gave you some flashbacks from when I listened to them as a child.

At the end of the exhibition you could buy Moomin products, play Moomin games and colour.

moomin exhibition

moomin colouring

What could be improved?

To be fair I had high hopes as I was so impressed with an earlier exhibition I went to, which had an own app and was completely free. The thing I found a bit weird was that all the info was in Korean. We even asked if they had any brochures or something in English but they apologised and said that they did not. The comics were in English so that was good 🙂

moomin tent


All in all it is nice to have a bit of home in Seoul!


PS. Do you ever wonder how many pictures you have photobombed? Would be fun to know. Take another look at the picture of me and the Moomin of my dreams and notice the girl eating behind us.

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