Nami Island in October

Autumn… the cosy period when the colours of the leaves turn into amazing colours.

This is why I think that October is the best time to go to Nami Island (or Namiseom), a half-moon shaped isle  located around two hours from Seoul. Going to Nami Island is often high on the list of things to experience on a trip to Seoul.

Just look at these beautiful trees and colours!

How to get to Nami Island from Seoul

We booked the trip through Klook. There we got a ticket that included return bus ticket from Seoul and the ferry ticket. You can also get there by subway, which is a bit cheaper.

We left Seoul with the bus at 8:30 am and got back to our dorm around 7 pm (there was a lot of traffic).

The ferry to the island works really smoothly and went often. And something to try for next time: you can actually get to the island by zip-wire and it looked really fun!

The group I went with: an Australian, two Finnish and two Swiss girls.

What to do in Nami Island

The island is small but you can walk around taking pictures of different trees and animals, stop at a café or restaurant or take a small boat around the island or why not rent a bike to get around the island quicker.

We spent our time just enjoying the atmosphere, eating and taking pictures. And naming the animals. We spent around 4 hours on the island which was a good amount of time. Overall we had a really nice day there and the weather was perfectly nice and sunny.

nami island animals
Meet Joshua the ostrich.

nami island trees october

EDIT: I went to Nami also in late November and it was not even close to being as good as it was in October! So to get the best autumn feeling means to go in October or earlier. I imagine the island is also pretty in late spring, summer and when the island is covered in snow.

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  1. Hi. May i know what specific date in october you went to nami. I was scheduled to go this year on oct 15-18. I’m so worried that i couldnt catch the beauty of autumn. Btw your blog gave me hope 🙂

    1. Hi Charisse! Thanks a lot for your comment! I went quite late to Nami in October, on October 28th. So I think 15-18th would be awesome as well 🙂
      I want to point out that just a few weeks later (in November – see the post here) I went again, and all the leaves had fallen… But as you are not going so late you should be safe.
      Hope you have a nice trip!

  2. Love the pictures! We’re also planning to go there this October ?? what camera did you use to take this? Wouldn’t want to miss taking beautiful sceneries ?

    1. Thanks a lot! I used my iPhone 7 Plus for the photos! Hope you will have a great time there 🙂

  3. Hi all your photos was so great…all are fantastic 😉 my friends and I will be in korea by Oct.20-26 is it possible that we could witnessed the autumn foliage by that time?

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