Seoul Friendship Fair & trying on a hanbok

Seoul Friendship Fair? The largest multicultural fair in Korea!

There are always some event to visit in bigger cities like Seoul – and I am far from complaining. Last weekend there was the Seoul Friendship Fair at Seoul Plaza. And I am super happy because I got to try on a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress, for only 5000 won (including hairdo).

Seoul Friendship Fair at Seoul Plaza
Seoul Friendship Fair at Seoul Plaza.

Seoul Friendship Fair 2017

At the Seoul Friendship fair they had a lot of booths from different countries that served food, drinks and sold traditional products. I saw that France had pastries and Germany sold beer from a tap. I guess smaller countries like Finland did not attend.


Trying on the traditional Korean dress – Hanbok

In Finland we have a saying in Finnish which goes “maassa maan tavalla”. This basically works the same way as “when in Rome”, that once you are in a country you can do things their way. Hanbok’s are really popular in Korea and naturally we wanted to try them on. We got to choose from many different colours one dress and one top and then they braided our hair as well.

The hanbok was originally worn every day. But from now on it’s mostly for ceremonials. We noticed that wearing a traditional Korean dress is highly appreciated in Korea.

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