Slow Life Festival 2017

Slow life festival. A festival to remind us to keep calm and slow down our busy lives.

  Slow life festival slow life festival 2017 donong south korea

Hurrying, stressing, worrying… I have been an expert on all of these three. I even wrote that we discussed it on the field trip. From it I learned that it is more important to be happy in life and to have a slower life than to run around like a crazy person trying to get all things done at once. Exactly this is what the Slow Life Festival was about: remembering to slow things down, find your Zen and daily happiness.

I found the festival through an ad on Facebook only yesterday so could not go earlier. So ironically, we were too slow to get to the Slow Life Festival on time. But we still had an hour to spend and got to enjoy refreshing Korean tea (which we got for free through Koreaners, a group for people interested in Korea) and saw what the festival was about. One could create something out of clay, build houses out of chopsticks or watch a movie and have some food from different countries. Simply slowing things down and spending time creating something with other people.

slow life festival 2017 donong

chopstick house slow life festival
Temple made out of chopsticks.

“How do you find all these trips and festivals?” some new friends asked me. Facebook is my go-to for this. Some are put on our Facebook group for exchange students and some I notice as they appear to me as ads on Facebook or I find in “events near you”. There is always something interesting and it is usually very cheap (or free like the Slow Life Festival).

Moreover I have been on more festivals during the past month than during the last year in Finland. In class we discussed that South Korea is really making efforts to increase tourism both inside and outside of Seoul. This I believe is a reason to why I for example could go on the trip to Wando. I think it is great, and working since I find the festivals/events and go to a places I did not know of before.

The buildings near the festival (near Donong station) were very different compared to central Seoul.

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