Trick Eye Museum Seoul

Every once in a while it is good to check your eye sight, right? So what better than to go to a Trick Eye Museum for some optical illusions?

trickeye museum
Floating on the beach.
Trickeye museum seoul crystal ball
Caught in the crystal ball at the Trick Eye Museum.

We went with my second visitor, Retu, my friend from Finland, and it was really fun. You could pose in different ways in different sets and blend in with 3D paintings.

They even had an app called TrickEye, which you could use to have even more effects using augmented reality. A nice extra that sometimes worked well but other times, well, you did not need it.

trick eye museum academy awards
We went to the Oscars in our hoodies.

It was a fun activity to do with someone. Because this is definitely something you do not do alone – because who would take the pictures? 

At the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul you can take out your inner child and try funny poses at the different sets. So it is great fun. You can also see how creative you are. And if not, they have pictures as examples on how to do the poses (which we used too haha).

Some augmented reality combined with the set they had created.

retu showering trickeye museum seoul
Got a bit creative 🙂

Want to go? You can find more info on how to get to this museum in Hongdae at the VisitKorea website. There even is a mirror maze and other games you can play, e.g. virtual reality games. You can also have this experience wearing a hanbok (traditional Korean clothes).

trickeye museum ice
They also had an ice room. Would you like to sleep on this bed?

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