What to do in Incheon

Want to go to Incheon and cannot find anything to do? I understand, been there done that. 

Other friends had gone to Incheon and it looked really nice. So when we left Seoul with my friend Noelle we decided to check it out. We booked a hostel 2 stations from the airport so we could easily get to the airport to fly to our next destination. But then we had to try to find things to do in Incheon…

What to do in Incheon

We googled what to do in Incheon when we got there and realized it was not the most lively place. We struggled finding things to do and checking the nearby streets on Google Maps honestly looked quite boring. But of course you can always find something to do if you want to and if nothing else, eating out is always a good idea!

Wondering what to do in Incheon? Here is a list

So there is stuff to do in Incheon but coming from Seoul, there is much less things to do. Busan for example has much more to experience! If you are planning on visiting Incheon I would say a day there is enough.

Here is what I did in Incheon and what I recommend:

  • Check out the fairy-tale village. An area with princess statues, and characters from fairy-tales painted on walls and colourful buildings.

What to do in Incheon fairy tale village

What to do in Incheon fairy tale village travelling

  • Walk around Songdo Central Park. This is a good place to take pictures! We walked around and found the small bunny island.

What to do in Incheon fairy tale village

songdo central park

songdo central park bunny island

  • Go to China town and jajangmyeon museum. Just a nice place to walk around – and best of all – eat good food.

jajangmyeon museum incheon

Overall I would say, if you are travelling in South Korea, do not spend so much time in Incheon. Rather go to Seoul or to another larger city. Hey, why not go to a temple stay – definitely an interesting experience! An option is to skip Incheon all together…

Did you find more things to do in Incheon? 

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