Why not go to the Garden of Morning Calm in November

You know that feeling when you come late to a party and you can feel it had been really great? Well, coming in November to the Garden of Morning Calm was kind of like that…

garden of morning calm november

My cousin (my third visitor, who I also went to the Seoul Sky with) and I went to the garden in mid-November. Thus we went perfectly between the time of the beautiful autumn leaves and before the snow and Christmas lights are put up.

garden of morning calm
Even though we visited quite late, it was a beautiful large garden.
Some of the night lights were put up already…

There was a UK-styled cottage. As my cousin is from UK it was quite a funny coincidence.
We could not find what these are so if you know, please comment:)

Nevertheless it was fun to walk around the area and we saw the garden in a late autumn atmosphere. Here are some facts about the garden, according to my pamphlet:

  • As Korea was described as the Land of the Morning Calm, a professor wanted to create a garden for it
  • Is a 330 000m2 garden
  • Attracts 1 million tourists every year
  • “The Sunken Garden is shaped like shape of the Korean Peninsula […] it is the most meaningful attraction as well because both sides of the garden are covered with flowers to represent the desire of South and North Korea to be reunited.”
  • Has 5000 different plants
  • “The flowers are in bloom from March to November”
    • well, November turned out to be too late!
  • There also is a green house, Bonsai garden, morning plaza, pond, gallery and more.
A miniature railorad.

Nami Island and the Garden of the Morning Calm in November

So safe to say that we missed the best time to go to the garden or to Nami. I went to Nami earlier and it was beautiful. This time all the leaves had fallen and it was not as pretty and impressive as it was then.

At Nami we had very good pasta and a beer.

Wandering around the island.

Birch tree lane in Nami Island.

Nevertheless we could laugh at the situation and still catch up and walk around to see the sights. All in all it was a nice experience 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Did you visit the Garden of Morning Calm or Nami Island as well? How was it? Please let me know by leaving a comment – I am looking forward hearing your thoughts and experiences as well! 

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  1. We will in Seoul this coming 19 Nov to 27 Nov. seem that we missed the best time to visit most scene in Korea. Still worth a visit to the Garden of Morning Calm and Nami Island during this time ?

    1. Thanks for your comment! I would not say it is not worth the visit if you have never been there, but if you could choose which day to go, I would recommend to go in October. Hope you had a nice stay in Korea!

  2. When you visit, anymore autumn foliage at nami island? I am going to Seoul 18 to end nov this year. I know it’s too early for winter scene but wondering if there are still autumn leaves? If no then I probably will give it a miss! Anyways I’ve been there but this time is with kids!

    1. Hi Tab! Thanks a lot for your question. As I experienced it, there were no autumn leaves in November. Honestly it felt like coming a bit too late to a party. So I recommend to go in October to see all the beautiful autumn leaves or to go when there is snow on the ground and nice lights. Hope this helps and do have a great time in Seoul!

  3. I will be in Seoul and am thinking of going to Nami Island and Garden of Morning Calm on 2 Dec 2019. Reading your article, am i right to say i should give it a miss?

    1. If there is snow then absolutely worth a visit! But if not then I recommend coming back another time maybe in October or winter/summer 🙂 thanks a lot for your comment and hope you have a great stay in Seoul!

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