Blogs that inspire me this holiday season

Having a blog means to (hopefully) inspire someone with some tips and experiences. At least I do get inspired from other blogs! So in this blogpost I post the blogs that inspire me this holiday season.

There are of course a lot of blogs out there. But for me, these are noteworthy right now. All of them have their own style and I really enjoy their content. With no further ado, here is the list.  I picked out only those that write in English for you.

This is my 8th post in my holiday Advent Calendar. Hope you enjoy it and happy holidays!

Blogs that inspire me this Christmas

There is a somewhat diverse group of bloggers in my list (except maybe the travel blogs that inspire me to continue to do what I do as well).

VeeraBianca Travel Blog

I was searching for nice travel blogs and VeeraBianca was really one of the few that honestly caught my eye. The content is great and images beautiful. And best is, she even shares how she does it – great inspiration for any (travel) blogger anywhere. Oh, and she is very open, funny and honest with her life and relationships on Instagram as well which I think makes her more real. A great post of a Japanese Spa in Stockholm and another of New York / tips for taking good photographs.

A bit of inspiration from the blog, which she writes in English and Finnish:

There are many easier ways to travel the world, but if you know this is what you’d love – then go do whatever sets your soul on fire.

Grön i Åbo – Zero Waste Lifestyle Blog

A fellow blogger from Turku/Åbo! She has a great niche and loves to share funny images she has seen that lift up your day. She is even writing a book…! That is inspiring as hell as it is.

I already wrote some tips on what to give as Christmas gifts for travellers, where I said that experiences are better than things. But if you want more tips – or 59 tips to be exact – check out this post for sustainable Christmas gifts.

A bit of inspiration from her blog, which she writes in Swedish and translates to English:

The world’s best thing. Get a library card in just a few minutes by going to the library and then just choose between all the reused books. Borrowing instead of owning is such a beautiful thing.

World of Wanderlust – Travel Blog

Even the name is inspiring. Another great blog with interesting content and beautiful images. For example her post about Christmas shopping in London – wow.

A quote from the blog:

I am often asked if I will ever settle down but to be quite frank, the term settling does not have a place in my vocabulary or understanding of life and what I’d like from mine. I hope to be inspired every day to live a life I love, not one that conforms to some preconceived notion of what our lives were mapped out to be.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

Catana Comics – Relationship Comics

I just cannot get enough of these comics. They are very funny and capture those small but all the more important moments in a relationship. See more of them here! And yes, she writes about solo travel and luxury – can you go wrong with that?

This is Yugen – Eco-friendly Travel Blog

I think I found this blog somehow through Instagram. And I fell in love with her photos. She has a unique and high-quality style that makes you inspired simply looking at the photos. More of this to the world please! For an example post, see this post on Perth.

Quote from the blog:

Let me show you the colours of our world!

P.S. I Love Fashion – Fashion Blog

Now to be frank, I do not follow that many fashion blogs. But there are some selected ones that I really enjoy and that have a style I really enjoy and get inspired of. Linda Juhola has inspiring photos and be sure to check out this post about inspiration for wearing white in winter.

Quote from the blog, which she writes in Finnish and translates to English:

Starting from 2008 it has been acting as my creative outlet where I share my personal style journey along with contents including beauty, travelling and more generally, things that simply inspire me.

(Maybe an inspiration inception as she shares things that inspire her that inspire me…?)

Thanks for reading this post- these were the blogs I right now wanted to share with you that especially inspire me this holiday season.

Any blogs you recommend! TELL ME! 🙂

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