What inspired me last week

I stop for a moment. I think ‘wow that is good’. 

These inspiring wow-moments I am happy to say that I have had many of last week. Here are three more specific things that inspired me.

A quote from Anna Wintour

inspired quote anna wintour

At a lunch break I found myself googling Anna Wintour (known e.g. as the editor in chief of Vogue). In one interview she said “change has to be what we breathe”. This really made me think. The quote is great since we should not be stuck in the past but constantly be moving forward. So, now I even have the text as a wallpaper on my phone.

A day of Mekas’ 365 Day Project

inspired of jonas mekas

I went to the MMCA earlier last week and there was a Jonas Mekas exhibition. In a part of his 365 Day Project there was the following text:

I let
everything go.
I’ll keep
love as pure
as the
blue sky.

-Jonas Mekas, January 5th 2007

Why did I find this inspiring? Well when it comes down to it, love is the most important thing in life. It does not matter if it is romantic love for a significant other, love and passion for ones work or hobbies or if it is love for a relative – as long as it is love.

Biographical documentaries

inspired netflix documentaries

Nope, I am not even ashamed. Last week I watched Katy Perry’s, Lady Gaga’s and Justin Bieber’s biographical documentaries on Netflix.

I have huge respect for people with this kind of talent. Being able to sing or play any instrument is something I have not been able to do. And seeing how they do it is, for me, really inspiring.

I was mostly inspired by Katy Perry: Part of Me. To see how difficult it was in the beginning to find the right place for her in the music business. They wanted her to be the “next” someone, an artist that is similar to someone else. But she wanted to be the “first Katy Perry” and do things in her own way.

And to see how the tour life is and especially to see when she is crying her heart out before a concert. And then someone says to her that she has two choices: either to cancel the concert or to just do it. After a short pause she answers “start, Todd”, which is a signal to the makeup artist to start doing her makeup. And then seeing the moment before she goes on stage, first looking down, and then looking up and putting a smile on her face as the stage starts going up…

I mean, anyone who has had a shitty sad day knows how hard it is to suck it up, put a smile on your face and to just do what you signed up for. That is real ambition and motivation for what you are doing.


For me, being inspired is a great feeling and gives motivation to move forward. Having that burn in your chest is honestly what I want to work with in the future.

I wrote this post to remember this and to share what inspired me. Maybe some of this inspired you too. Or maybe it inspired you to go find what inspires you.

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