Audiobooks I listen to during my travels

Travelling usually means new experiences but also quite some time to kill. When I am sitting in a bus, train, plane or boat I like to mix the things that I do like watching Netflix and writing on my blog but recently I like listening to audiobooks.

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Audiobooks are good for different reasons, here is a few:

  • Listening to audiobooks usually does not take as much battery as watching Netflix
  • You can just close your eyes for a while and listen or do something else while you listen, for example draw
  • If you easily get motion sickness like me then reading in the bus can be risky but if you listen to an audiobook you can watch the road or just close your eyes, which usually is the best cure for me when I get motion sickness.
  • You can download the books to your phone and listen to them even when you don’t have internet.
  • When you have listened to the books you don’t get stuck with the book that takes space in your home.
You can also listen to audiobooks when the person you are travelling with is sleeping!

Which are the audiobooks I plan to listen to? Here is my ‘listen list’:

Handmaidens Tail

Audiobooks handmaidens tale Audible

Now this was one of the recommended audiobooks on Audible and overall a very interesting plot. I plan on listening to this first and then see the series!


Oprah audiobook audible travel blog

Oprah I listened to on my earlier trip to Sivota. Notable is that this book is not written by her but is based on previous interviews and interviews with people who have worked with her. Nevertheless there are many things I have learned already about this famous person.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Audiobooks the subtle art of not giving a fuck

Stress and worry are common feelings in my life, which is why this book is good for me. It is better to remember what really is important in life and stop worrying too much. I also got this book in Finnish from a friend which I have been reading on the beach.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter audiobook blog travelling

Ah, Harry Potter. What is life without some sort of dive into the fictional world of witches and wizards? Well, I don’t want to know. The Harry Potter books read by Stephen Fry are superb and I listened to the first one in only three days.

Beautiful Ruins

Beautiful ruins audiobook blog

This book I had not heard about before I chose this one. I saw it as it was an audiobook on Audible’s top list and after reading about it it was clear I wanted this one. As the book is set in Italy I saw myself listening to this book while travelling in Italy.

These are the five audiobooks on my listening list right now. Do you have any other tips on good audiobooks? Then please let me know – I am always looking for more to learn and listen to. 🙂

Maybe you wonder “What does audiobooks cost?” I used Audible for months and had a subscription there for just over 10 euros per month. With this subscription I could chose one audiobook – any audiobook they had – for the monthly price.

Quite convenient I would say but then I did not have time to listen to the books during the spring as I was writing my Master’s degree so I stopped the subscription. But you get to keep the books so I can listen to them whenever from wherever as long as I can use Audible.

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