Best Christmas gifts for travellers – 4 tips

Are you wondering what you should get as a present for a person who loves to travel? Giving something connected to travel could be an idea but think again! See here my tips on the best Christmas gifts for travellers!

This is the first post in my 12-day digital Advent Calendar 2018!

Best Christmas gifts for travellers

Although a cup that says something like ‘travel is life’ sounds like a good idea, think again. If a traveller is more of a minimalist traveller (like going on an 11-day trip with only hand luggage) then stuff is not really what we want.

4 best Christmas gifts for travellers

What we want is for the travelling to go smoother: points, gift cards to transportation, a new carry-on bag (if we do not have one), a neck pillow if we do not have it yet, passport case, cash and experiences. And yes the last one is so important it is the first on the list:

1. An experience

An experience is a great Christmas gift for a traveller as it is so much more valuable than another world map or put in the wall. Experiences is a big part of why we want to travel at all. To learn new things and gain new experiences! Therefore a gift that is an experience for this person, for both of you or an experience to share with a group is a good idea. What the experience is depends of course on the person. But a concert in another city is a good start!

Hotel Malmö
Another example, I would never say no to a stay at a nice hotel!

2. Something digital and thoughtful

Now the second one on this list with the 4 best Christmas gifts for travellers is also connected to not give out a lot of things for a globetrotter with wanderlust. Be it a video with the best memories of you and the globetrotter together or a collage of some sorts. These are worth more than gold when a traveller is far away and is missing you.

3. Self-made gift cards

If you have a significant other or a really good friend that loves to travel, a good gift is always self-made gift cards. Here are some examples of what the gift cards could be for:

  • Gift card for a dinner out (that you could use right away if you like)
  • Gift card for wine tasting
  • Gift card to go to a museum
  • Gift card to go sightseeing (even though it is in the city you live it could be an idea)
  • Gift card to a travel agency

And yes, some can be connected to tip number one on this list with Christmas gift ideas for globetrotters.

Naantali nådendal
You do not always have to travel far to experience something new. From Turku it is easy to visit Naantali…
What to do in Naantali
…where you can cosy up with hot chocolate by an open fire. Definitely got some Christmassy vibes from that!

4. A trip

Last but not least. What does a traveller want for Christmas? To travel (duh!). I do not think anyone would say no to an all-inclusive trip to a beach destination or to a week or two in New York! But if you are not made of money, this might be tricky.

Travelling Norwegian
Where should we fly to next…?

Another idea is to give them a surprise bus ticket to see sights that are not so far away, so you can go there together. Let me clarify, you could give them a card and information that they are booked on a specific date to go on a small trip. Maybe the destination is to a place you have been talking about for some time already or an inside joke. And yes, even here, it is always the thought that counts.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree – or maybe have an even better idea? Please share! 🙂

Happy holidays!

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