Christmas getaway vs staying at home | Explained in gifs

There are both good and bad things that come with everything. And especially with tough choices. Do you want to skip all the hassle and get a Christmas getaway abroad or stay at home to spend time with family? In this post I explain how it feels during both of these scenarios in gifs.

This is the 4th post in my 12-Day Christmas Advent Calendar. Hope you enjoy it and happy holidays!

christmas getaway or staying at home for christmas blogpost

Christmas getaway experience

When you realise Christmas is soon:

shocked oh my GIF


When you understand that you could skip all the stress and travel:

interesting marilyn monroe GIF


Trying to figure out where to go on your Christmas getaway abroad (beach vacation, city getaway, finding a cosy cottage somewhere…?!)

30 rock choices GIF


Deciding upon a destination:

neil patrick harris good job GIF by bubly


Trying to find the best deal for it:

season 3 GIF


The feeling when your holiday trip is finally booked:

excited happy birthday GIF


Stress with Christmas presents:

maya rudolph snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


Working to be able to travel:

fun work GIF by The Hills


When your holiday trip is getting closer:

countdown GIF



pack packing GIF


Christmas Eve on a warm destination:

big ang drinking GIF by RealityTVGIFs
Even though you miss your family:

group hug family GIF


Experiences during Christmas – sightseeing, sightseeing,sightseeing:

conan obrien sightseeing GIF by Team Coco


Outcome after Christmas:

millie bobby brown mind blown GIF by Converse


Staying at home for Christmas experiences

Realising Christmas is soon:

shocked oh my GIF


Deciding to stay at home for Christmas:

stressed spongebob squarepants GIF


Planning Christmas with family:

unsure thinking GIF by Tkay Maidza


Planning Christmas presents:

stressed hallmark movie GIF by Hallmark Channel


Christmas Eve at home: 

bob saget family dinner GIF by Fuller House


Experiences during Christmas vacation – pyjamas and:

homer simpson eating GIF


Outcome after Christmas holiday:

utopia GIF

That was it!

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