Incheon to Helsinki | How I avoided jet lag

Are you travelling from Incheon to Helsinki and want to avoid jet lag? I’ll tell you how I did this.

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Travelling from Incheon to Helsinki – and how to avoid jet lag

I was on student exchange in Seoul for four months and after this I decided to stay in Tokyo for 11 days with some of my exchange friends. As I had booked a return ticket from Helsinki to Seoul I could not change the airports but I could change the date. This meant I had to travel back to Seoul from Japan to take my flight from Incheon to Helsinki.

Doing this I then ended up with a 11 hour stay at the airport. I thought about sleep but then decided to not sleep at all but to stay up until my flight left at 11:05 am in Korean time.

The time dirrerence is 6 or 7 hours, depending on if it is summer or winter time in Finland.

Namsan view
Near Namsan Tower.
Me waiting for food in Seoul.

This meant I could then sleep the whole flight and then wake up at some point in the flight to then land in Helsinki at 14:10.

helsinki in winter Helsinki in winter.

I did this and got no jet lag whatsoever. Why? Because I could sleep on the plane as I was so tired after not sleeping during the night. In other words I slept during some of the night in Finnish time. And then back in Finland I could sleep on a reasonable hour in Finnish time. Nice!

My trick? To not sleep before the flight.

What did I do on Incheon Airport? I decided to dive into the world of Netflix. So I got an energy drink and som snacks and then sat down to start watching Lucifer on my computer.

When I look back at this moment I am very fond of it. It was a cosy moment.

Also a good time to think about what I had experienced during my exchange and how it feels to go back home.

And, there are showers that you can use for free at Incheon AirPort! There were quite fresh but be prepared to wait a while for your turn.

shower incheon airport

Anyway, hope this helped and gave inspiration to some of you!

Have you travelled from Incheon to Helsinki? How do you avoid jet lag? Share your thought and leave a comment!

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