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I have been blogging about my travels and experiences for almost a year now here on! It feels like yesterday but then again, a lot of things have happened since I started my blog last fall.

I have been active on Instagram and changed my previous username to Ninelling there. Now I decided it was time to create a Facebook Page for my blog as well. So please go and like and share to stay up to date about my new posts and travels. 🙂

Ninelling on Facebook

ninelling travel blog facebook social media

On Facebook I share my posts and thoughts in different way. I can also ask for tips and create polls related to travelling!


Ninelling on Instagram

ninelling travel blog instagram

Instagram I use for more spontaneous posts about my life. I update where I have been, what has happened and so on! I also use the #InSearchOfWowMoments hashtag on the relevant posts.


Thanks for reading, liking and following! 🙂

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