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I have had this blog for over a year now and published over 60 blog posts. But why do you blog, you might wonder? In this post (which is my 63rd entry by the way) I will tell you why I blog.

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I started this blog because I wanted to remember better my experiences during my student exchange to Seoul. Keeping a blog also makes me learn more about the different destinations I visit.

What does this mean? Let’s say I am visiting a place where I take in the experience and take the photos. But then afterwards I can go through the experience again and double-check the information to create a good blog post. This I did for example for the 50 things about Seoul and 9 things to learn about Genoa.

These two reasons are by no means all of the reasons. I also want to blog to share my knowledge and help others. I wish that the things I publish in some way can educate someone else about the topic. Sometimes I want to publish a more lifestyle-like blog post and that is up to me, but mostly I want to share the experiences, so this information can teach someone else about these experiences and so on.

I have always loved writing and want to be better at it. This way I keep up my writing skills in English in a fun way. I am also interested in search engine optimisation, photography and graphic design, which I also get to become better at thanks to my blog where I can learn by doing. Therefore, blogging also helps with work in digital marketing!

I like colourful photos and coming up with new ideas for content (I have so many ideas right now, you just wait and see!), and this is a very independent way to work with being creative in creating content – and I love it!

You might also think that a blog takes so much time? Yes, it can.  Some blogposts take hours to create from the first words to being able to publish the post. But I think it is fun so the time just flies by when I write or edit on my blog.

And, honestly, I also feel I have a need of expressing myself and blogging is a good way for me to do this.

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There are times when I do not have that much time to write or periods in my life when I have not been travelling or done something exciting. And during these times I might not write anything. (My brother says it bothers him that I have not written anything in May 2017 but in every other month… :D)

To be frank, if I ever in the future can earn money from blogging I will not say no, and then the answer to “why do you blog?” might change since I would add one thing. But for now this is a very passionate hobby of mine.

why i blog travelling ninelling

To sum up, there are five major reasons why I blog:

1) To share what I have learned and experienced,
2) To help others learn something new,
3) To learn more myself (about the places I visit, photographing, SEO and so on),
4) To remember the experiences better myself and to express it in some creative way and lastly,
5) Because I love blogging!

Thank you for reading and following my journey in search of wow moments and not so wow moments around the world, it means a lot.

In this “Why I blog”-post in particularly I tried to be very honest, so I hope you enjoy it.


Remember that if you have anything to say, please leave a comment – it always makes me happy 🙂 or get in touch via e-mail or my Facebook-page!

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