Why travel with a friend

There are two sides to every story. Also regarding if you should travel with a friend or alone. It really depends on the situation but in this post I’ll tell you the main reasons why it is good to travel with a friend.

travel with a friend

Are you wondering if you should book a trip with a friend or go solo? I completely understand your struggle. I have done both.

Reasons why it is better to travel with a friend

Here are 10+ reasons why it is good to travel with a friend.

1. You have someone to share everything with

I love to travel alone but I love to share the experience with someone even more. Are you stuck somewhere? Then you are two

friends by the pool
Had a blast with this group back in the Diamond Spa Resort in Sivota!

2. It is safer

Of course it depends on who your travel companion is but it usually is safer to be with someone rather than to walk alone through the streets in an unfamiliar city.

3. It is more convenient

Are you travelling from A to B with all of your luggage and then you really have to go to the bathroom? Then it is great if you have the friend who can watch your luggage when you go to the bathroom without all of your stuff. This is something you often forget is very convenient when having a friend or two to travel with.

4. You have someone to talk to during dinner

Are you a super extroverted person living at a hostel where it is easy to meet new people? Good for you! Then you will be really well off even without a friend to travel with. If you travel with a companion in a city and don’t want to stay at a hostel you might have trouble finding people to talk to.

I miss this friend and travelling in Tokyo!

Wondering what to talk about? See my post with 66 self knowledge questions to get to know each other better!

5. You remember the trip better

Having two or more brains travelling together can be a great advantage. Did you forget the name of the train you are supposed to take or the station you should get off at? Then maybe you friend remembers it!
This also works for after your trip when – let’s face it – we will forget a large part of the trip because that is how the mind works. But if you catch up with this friend later on he or she might ask “oh do you remember when…” regarding something that happened during your trip and you totally forgot it. Then you can have a laugh about it together (and maybe start planning your next trip!).

6. You get to experience new things

If you travel alone you are the king of the agenda. But when you travel with a friend you might get to try new things you would never do alone. Your friend might have things on their travel bucket list you had not heard before and sharing is caring! So this is great, right? New experience is the best in life and you can always learn new things. As for getting out of your comfort zone, still, you are not alone – your friend is right there with you.

Did I ever think I would go to a maid cafe? I did not even know they existed! See this weird experience here.
To travel with a friend or to travel alone. That is the question. See this blogpost where I give 10+ reasons why you should travel with a friend.
I have also gone to experience a stay at a Buddhist Temple in South Korea.

7. The planning of the trip is much more fun

Scrolling through the best flights or learning what the best way to get from one city to another can take up a lot of your time. But sharing it with someone helps as the other one can look into one thing while you focus on another.
Further you can get excited together and find fun experiences you simply have to do there together.

I am always anxious about my luggage and if it is there when I get back…

8. You have someone to take your Instagram photos

Let us not underestimate this. It is difficult to take a great photo by yourself so having your partner in crime makes it easier to take the perfect Instagram photo.

me in monaco
Without someone I could not have taken this picture in Monaco.
Or this one in Pisa!

9. You can pack lighter

You can take one toothpaste, one bottle of shampoo and so on. You get the picture. This way you can pack lighter and smarter together.

10. You can share the travel time with someone

Although there are plenty to do while on the commute it can get boring if it is a long flight. Then you can talk to your friend during the flight to pass the time. Also, if you are on a bus or train and one wants to take a nap but you are worried about your things – it is better to have the other one there who can see to your stuff staying put.

Here I met some new people on a trip to the west of South Korea sponsored by Ebay.

11. Having some relaxing down time won’t give you as bad a conscience

Travelling is fun. Travelling is life! But travelling is also exhausting. And you need to just relax sometimes. Even just stay in one night to catch up on energy. And if you are travelling with a friend this feels better as you are together and not alone watching a movie in your hotel room.

And last but not least…

12. You get closer to your travel buddy

Travelling with someone is somewhat an intimate experience together. You share so much together. Both the ups and downs. But together you are stronger and closer.

A day at a flower field. This was such a great day with these girls. <3

Remember that who you pick to travel with is all that matters. And still you might end up with surprises like the team spirit not working so well as you thought or that it is working much better than you thought!

That was all of the reasons why it is better to travel with a friend. Last thing I want to say is happy travels together!

Are you still not convinced? Just wait for it, I will give you the pros of travelling alone as well – stay tuned!

Do you prefer to travel with a friend or alone? Answer here below!

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