Wow moments

Aren’t we all most enjoying those wow moments in life? Those moments when you stop and think wow, that is amazing and feel great gratitude for that place, person or experience. Is it not happiness to enjoy the smaller (or bigger, however it may be) moments in life? I think yes.

As I believe in being thankful I started to create a list of wow moments I have had during my travels. This way I enjoy it more and make the memories last. Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more as I update as I go.

Wow moments in Asia

South Korea: Best view in Seoul from Lotte World Tower. 

in search of wow moments ninelling seoul view

South Korea: Nami Island in October. 

in search of wow moments ninelling nami island

Wow moments in Europe

Greece: Sivota Diamond Spa Resort.

in search of wow moments ninelling sivota greece resort

Nice: French Riviera